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My Story

Handturned spalted maple wood bowl


Hello, My name is David Shafron.

I am a self-taught wood worker and recovering financial Analyst. I used to lead budgets for billion dollar corporations, also I designed warehouses for a Fortune 500 company.  I have left that world behind and became a full time artist with wood being my medium.

I started woodworking when my wife and I could not find a headboard that we liked for our bed in 1999. While designing and then creating the headboard I discovered my passion for woodworking. Of course a headboard needs matching bedside tables, which were my next project
Since then, I  have not stopped creating beautiful items for everyday use.

The goal of Darbynwoods is to bring fine quality woodwork into homes and offices. The mission of Darbynwoods is to create everyday items out of domestic and exotic woods. At Darbynwoods we use the natural colors and grain patterns of the woods from around the world in our work. There is no stain or dye used to create the functional works of art. The reason for this is that David feels that “man could not do the job that nature has done”.

Darbynwoods hopes to help everyone create pieces that are unique. We enjoy working with individuals to create custom designs that match what they want for their homes and offices. 

Our Process

Handmade wood cutting board made from woods from around the world


I do not go out and cut trees down, but I work with suppliers that only provide sustainable, harvested woods.  I want the next generation to have wood available to carry on the craft.

When I am at a supplier, I look for wood that will work for the project I am working on. I will look for, in my opinion, the prettiest wood that is available.
I then bring the wood back to my shop and let it accumulate to the temperature and humidity. This helps with the movement of wood.

I will then craft the item I am working on whether it is a one of a kind table or one of the thousands of cutting boards I have made.  Each item is crafted by my hands and to the quality of what I would put in my own house.

Our Guarantee

Cherry burl pen.


I love what i do.  I want you to be happy with your purchase.

I treat my customers as I would want to be treated.


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